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About Divine Pest Specialist


Established in 2018.

Family owned and operated. After working for others companies small and big we realized Pest Control can be done a lot better and more efficiently!

We specialize in Integrated Pest Management(IPM) where we inspect to identify your pest, the conducive conditions & harboring sites. With all the information gathered from our assessment we form a plan to efficiently eradicate  your pest issues. Also, we specialize in rodent control & bed bug execution. 

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Pest control peaked my interest due to my father who has been in the business for 15+ years. When I was younger my dad would bring me to work with him and we would locate the pest together. He would also include me in coming up with treatment methods. I admire my Dad and how he's able to take a distressed customer and make them worry free with his honest advice along with his treatment methods.   

My father has inspired me to be the best IPM specialist that I can be by applying my extensive knowledge in pest management and being honest all while solving the customers pest related issues. 

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