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Pest Control In Phillipsburg, New Jersey

Phillipsburg, New Jersey is a highly populated town located on the Delaware River and borders Pennsylvania. Its robust economy is due to shipping and its proximity to Norfolk Southern Railway’s Lehigh Line. Once a sleepy agricultural village quickly grew into a transportation hub in the early 1800s. Phillipsburg’s growth attracted many people making this town their home.


Proactive Pest Control Management

If you’re looking for pest control in Phillipsburg, New Jersey, trust Divine Pest Specialists! With over 20 years of experience, this family-owned and operated business offers safe and reliable pest management services to eliminate bed bugs, termites, and other pesky critters from your home or business. Divine Pest Specialists take a proactive approach to extermination by performing pest inspections tailored to each individual’s needs, ensuring effective management and long-term results.


Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are among the most invasive pests, and no one wants them in their Phillipsburg, New Jersey home. These insects are not only a nuisance but also pose a danger to families and pets. Divine Pest Specialists, equipped with the latest tools and techniques, provide effective bed bug control services. They offer various treatment options, including heat and chemical treatments. Using specialized equipment, they raise the temperature in your home to eradicate infestations. Additionally, they employ Integrated Pest Management (IPM) systems, an environmentally sensitive approach to pest management.

Termite Control

Termites are sneaky critters that can silently damage your home long before most Phillipsburg, New Jersey homeowners realize they’ve invaded. Divine Pest Specialists offer comprehensive termite control services to solve your pest problem. Our expert exterminators will help you identify termite infestations and provide tailored solutions to ensure you no longer have to deal with termites.

Wildlife Control

Wild animals vary in shape and size and readily adapt to human environments. These intruders are not only bothersome but also pose a risk to you and your family by spreading disease and causing damage to your Phillipsburg, New Jersey property. Divine Pest Specialists are adept at handling a variety of critters such as opossums, raccoons, birds, bats, squirrels, and skunks, removing them safely and swiftly. Contact a Divine Pest Specialist to effectively eliminate your wildlife pest issues!

Other Pests

At Divine Pest Specialists, our pest control services extend beyond bed bugs and termites. Our knowledgeable technicians are skilled at eliminating various other common household pests and preventing their return. Roaches, mosquitoes, ants, bees, hornets, and wasps have no place on your Phillipsburg, New Jersey property or business.

Residential and Commercial Pest Management

Residential and commercial pest control services provide invaluable solutions for addressing unwanted intruders in homes and businesses. Utilizing specialized techniques and environmentally friendly options, these services effectively eradicate pests like bed bugs, termites, and other insects, thereby safeguarding Phillipsburg, New Jersey properties and fostering a healthy environment. Whether it’s a cozy home or a bustling office space, Divine Pest Specialists customize our methods to meet your specific requirements, ensuring long-term pest prevention and peace of mind for all occupants.


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